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Fast Food/Junk Food = Losing Precious Time

Oct 06, 2020


Is Fast Food Affecting Your Immune System?


By making a quick stop for some fast food, you could be setting up your immune system for failure.  Eating bad food causes the immune system to shift into overdrive, which can lead to serious health problems like diabetes and heart disease.  Unhealthy eating can also cause the immune system to act as if it is responding to a bacterial infections.


Even if you have diabetes or heart disease, it is NEVER to late to start making healthy choices to reverse the effects and begin to heal!


A study recently done showed that the “Western diet” which is one high in sugar and fat, low in fiber, causes a strong inflammatory response throughout the body.   Inflammation can cause our body to react as if it had been infected with dangerous bacteria.  Inflammatory responses in our bodies are also linked to many other health conditions.  An overactive immune system can lead to health complications over the long run, including atherosclerosis, a thickening and hardening of the walls of the arteries that contributes to stroke and heart attack.  


Life expectancy is decreasing in some Western countries where high-fat diets and low levels of exercise have become the normal.  


Since you are a part of Grow Young Fitness, you have no excuse but to be doing the opposite and “Growing Young”!

The foundations of a healthy diet need to become a more prominent part of education than they are at present.  We are all well aware that eating badly can have major consequences for our health.  We need to take these warning serious.  There are potential dangers of eating too much fast food and processed foods.  Not only do these unhealthy choices affect our immune system, high-fat and sugary foods raises the risk of obesity and associated health problems, such as heart disease and diabetes.  


Tips for eating more healthy:


-Try new, more healthful foods.

-Think about picking up a fruit or vegetable you’ve never had before.

-Make a list of healthful choices. 

-Know your cravings, then look for more healthful options to replace them. 

-Fill you home with healthy options.

-Keep the unhealthy items at the store.

-Plan your meals and snacks ahead of time.


I strongly encourage you to go through the “Meals to Grow Young Course” located in the Founders’ Club, or follow the meal planner on


Keep it moving!