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The Best Chair Workouts For Seniors!

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Try out some of our workouts below to see if they are right for you.

Foundation Workouts

This is the perfect place to start. It teaches you the fundamentals of exercise, proper form, and  they show you how to have fun exercising!

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Balance Workouts

Balance is the leading cause of hospitalization and broken bones among seniors. These balance workouts are scientifically proven to improve your balance, reducing costly falls and injuries.  

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Core Workouts

The Core Workouts will help with back pain, burn belly fat, and to improve core strength. NO floor core is here for you!

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Cardio Weight Loss Workouts

Lose weight with this low impact routine. Utilizing a chair to burn calories, improve bone strength, and energize, this is a must do routine if weight loss is your goal!

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Knee Therapy Workouts

If you have bad knees, the knee therapy workouts are perfect for you. Build strength, stability, and improve range of motion all from home with these unique knee therapy workouts!

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Strength Workouts

Tone your arms with strength! If you want to tighten up your underarms, look no further than the strength workouts!

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Chair Yoga Workouts

Not your typical yoga here... I take the functional movements from yoga, and created a chair yoga perfect for you! By the way, we NEVER go to the floor with any Grow Young Fitness workout!

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The Founders' Online Program

Members of the Founders' Program get the best results. They have the tools they need to get fit, and stay fit! 

  • Access to 250+ workouts.
  • Stream from your favorite device 24/7.
  • V.I.P. Support.
  • Private Facebook Group.

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Are Online Workouts Not Your Thing?

If online workouts are not your thing, check out our full collection of DVDs by clicking the button below.

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Want to Boost Your Results!?

When you pair our Weight Loss Supplements with the Exercises, you will reach your fitness goals faster and give your body the nutrients it needs to keep up with your new active lifestyle!

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