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Tips To Avoid Cravings!

Dec 27, 2020

Tips to Stop Cravings


Nasty cravings seem to appear when we least expect them and usually when we are unequipped to resist them.


Are cravings caused by nutrient deficiencies?


Although some conditions such as sodium deficiency can cause cravings, there is no conclusive evidence that cravings are caused by nutrient deficiencies.  Certain known facts about cravings like the influence of sleep and nutrition habits make it more likely that cravings are caused by external factors and not a lack of specific nutrients.


How to stop cravings—


Drink Some Water


The easiest thing you can do to curb your cravings is to have a large glass of water and then wait for a couple of minutes.  Even if the craving doesn’t completely go away, the fullness of your stomach will make it less intense.


Play a Game


Who knew that playing a game on your phone can help reduce cravings?  Whether you had a glass of water or not, it’s important to take your mind off the cravings for a couple of minutes.  A study found that playing Tetris on for just 3 minutes can weaken different types of cravings, including food cravings.


Drink Some Coffee


Coffee might have a stronger influence on your appetite and food intake than water.  It seems that right after drinking a cup of coffee, people will eat less than they would have without it.  So even if you end up giving in to a craving, you have a higher chance of keeping the size of your treat moderate and not going overboard. Try Grow Young Fitness Super Coffee to give yourself coffee + Collagen Protein!


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Brush Your Teeth


This trick will work in two ways.  First, it might trick your brain into thinking that the meal is over.  But even if your brain is not easily tricked, the cool mint toothpaste flavor left in your mouth will make it hard to eat anything afterwards.




Do a Grow Young Fitness workout. By the time you are done, you will have not only burned some calories, but also the cravings will have disappeared entirely.


Sweet Cravings—


Cravings can range from sweet to savory and fatty.  But sugar cravings are usually the ones that are the hardest to deal with.  Here are a few extra tips to curb your sugar cravings.


How to stop cravings all day long—


Eat More Protein


Protein is your ally against cravings.  Increasing your protein intake can reduce cravings.  It also helps fight the desire to eat at night.  Protein keeps you full for longer and therefore avoiding that desire to snack. Be sure to checkout Easy Protein here:


Do a Light Workout


A low intensity activity, such as a brisk walk or a short Grow Young Fitness workout can help. 


Avoid Getting too Hungry


The hungrier you get, the higher the chance that you can’t fight off that intense craving.  It’s as simple as that.  So don’t look for solutions when it’s almost too late.  Plan your meals ahead and make sure to have a healthy snack by your side.  Often it can also help to eat several small meals per day.  For instance, three main meals and two snacks between meals.  That can help to keep your blood sugar level constant.  That way you won’t get sudden food cravings in the first place.


How to stop cravings long term—




Insufficient sleep can affect your appetite and increase cravings.   Unfortunately, the importance of sleep is often neglected when it comes to fitness and weight loss.  The problem is that we easily get used to sleeping less and fail to notice the real effect it has on us.  We get cranky, are constantly hungry and unhappy, and start to blame it on work, stress, or lack of time.  But more often than not, the real reason is the lack of sleep.  It is important to have those healthy sleep habits. 



Think Long Term


It would be unrealistic to expect that a craving can be stopped by thinking about it rationally.  However, by taking a step back and visualizing the long-term consequences can help some people manage their cravings better.  Some of the consequences may include reduced energy levels, mood swings and negativity, and health risks of obesity and diabetes.  


Did you know?


A study has shown that “comfort food” such as junk food doesn’t necessarily provide a better “comfort feeling” than eating other types of food.  This “myth of comfort food” is now being researched in other experiments.  Try satisfying your craving with a healthier version of the same food.


The main thing is that you learn to tell the difference between actual hunger and cravings for sweet or salty foods.  Follow these tips and soon you will be able to understand your body’s signals and make healthier choices.