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Out-Exercise A Bad Diet?

Dec 14, 2020
Why can't you out-exercise a bad diet?
Put simply, you can consume more calories in 5 minutes than you can burn in an hour.
Weight gain happens when you consume more calories than you burn.
A typical meal consists of around 750-1000 calories. It takes around 60-120 minutes of exercise to burn this off. (Remember roughly 1500-2000 calories should be consumed in total per day.)
While meals are essential to get your daily calories, it is often times the extra snacks throughout the day that add up to those extra calories.
That is why the choices you make when it comes to what you eat and how much are so important. You can never out exercise a bad diet.
Nutrients vs calories
I recommend a whole foods approach. Keep in mind that 500 calories of chocolate is not going to do the same thing to your body as 500 calories of veggies.
The two will have very different outcomes.
If you are simply just counting calories, it will NOT work in the long run.
IMPORTANT: If you simply eat healthy foods, you do NOT need to count calories.
All sugar is not equal.
Sugars from fruits & veggies are good. They digest slower in the body reducing spikes.
Sugars from junk food, processed foods, and fruit juice are bad. They spike insulin response making it next to impossible to burn fat during this time and instead you start to store fat.
Not all fats are equal.
Healthy fats from nuts/seeds/fish have many heart healthy benefits.
Fats from fried food, processed foods, and etc cause heart problems.
Not all carbs are equal.
Slow digesting carbs from things such as sweet potatoes, bananas, quinoa, chickpeas and etc are good. They will slowly digest making you feel full longer and have less of a spike. These carbs are typically used in building muscle.
Pasta, bread, bake, cookies, and junk food carbs will cause your body to quickly spike, leading to storage of fat.
Alcohol may do more than you think when it comes to weight.
When you drink alcohol, all of your energy during that time goes into riding the toxin.
You stop digesting foods and instead store anything you consume.
That glass of wine or drink during dinner may be a huge culprit in excess storage of body fat and weight gain.
What can we do instead?
1. Focus on what you should be eating
Eat whole foods. Cut out processed foods.
Try to make sure that most things you eat are not from a box or bag!
2. Make small changes
Don’t change it all at once. Replace a few meals/snacks a day for your first week.
After a week or two though, you should be eating the mass majority of your meals with whole foods only!
3. Treat treats as treats
Whatever treats you need, keep it limited.
Treat it like a treat and not an everyday thing.
Remember, only 100 extra calories a day ads up to 10 lbs weight gain per year.
500 calories extra is 50 pounds/year.
1000 extra calories a day is 100 pounds/year.
If you simply cut out those calories, it will turn into Weight Loss!
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