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Dec 21, 2020

Exercise Is A Tool To Relieve Pain for People with Neuropathy

If you were ever told not to exercise because you have Neuropathy, you were told wrong!

Why Exercise?

As you exercise, you are increasing movement and heart-rate which are very important for people suffering with neuropathy. Physical activity can improve blood circulation, which strengthens nerve tissues by increasing the flow of oxygen.

If you do nothing, things only get worse!

Not moving is a big problem if you have neuropathy. It can result in muscles shrinking/losing strength and tightening (loss of flexibility), as well as decreased metabolism, which means less energy and high risk for gaining fat.

The Grow Young Fitness exercises will improve not only physical functioning but it also helps fight depression, diabetes, maintain ideal body weight, and improve pain tolerance.

Many studies have reported that exercise helps reduce nerve pain for patients with neuropathy. It also helps to lessen the extra symptoms that come along with having both diabetes and neuropathy.

Exercise is the answer and will do more than anything else!

This is good news for the 35 million people in the U.S. with diabetes, sixty percent of whom also suffer from peripheral neuropathy.

If you have either, you are lucky because you have Grow Young Fitness!

All Grow Young Fitness exercises can help with both neuropathy and diabetes. You need to keep it moving!

Slow and Steady is the key!

Start with the Foundation, Therapy Box, Grow Young Fitness Walks, or Arthritis workouts inside of the Grow Young Fitness Founders’ Club!

Each session will guide you through a warm up, workout routine, cool down and stretch!

Do not skip the cool down and stretch ever!!!

If you have neuropathy, the Grow Young Fitness workouts should be done at least 4-5 times per week.

You need to commit to it and stick with it.

As stated, if you are not moving and exercising, it will only get worse.

Exercise is critical for relieving neuropathy. At first, it may not be comfortable, but you have to keep going!

You can do it!