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Nov 02, 2021

Did you know that each year millions of people age 65 and older fall? And, that falls are the number 1 cause of hospitalization for people 65+ years old?


While many falls do not cause injuries, about 1 in 5 falls can cause broken bones or even a head injury! Besides serious injuries like this, falls can make it difficult for people to stay mobile, stay independent and live on their own.


Many people who do fall, then become very scared of falling again. This can mean that they avoid doing certain everyday activities and become less active in order to decrease their chance of falling. Being less active, a person can become weaker and increase their chance of falling even more. 


What can increase your risk of falls?


-Lower body weakness

-Difficulty with balance

-Certain medications

-Vision problems

-Numbness in feet

-Improper footwear

-Tripping hazards like throw rugs or uneven surfaces


Falls can be prevented! 

One of most important things to remember when it comes to falls is BE AWARE! Take your time when you’re doing tasks and always just do one thing at a time. Many seniors say that they have fallen in the past due to being in a “rush” or trying to do too many things at one time! 


Some other simple things you can do to prevent falls:


Talk to your doctor

-Have your vision checked to see if you need glasses or need your prescription updated.

-Ask your doctor to review your medications with you to see if any of them could make you dizzy and more at risk for falling. 

-Check with your doctor to see if you should be taking a Vitamin D or Calcium supplement to keep your bones strong. 


Eliminate hazards

-Get rid of throw rugs or any excess “stuff” lying around that you could trip over.

-Add grab bars in your bathroom.

-Always check that your shoelaces are tied or consider getting shoes without laces.

-Make sure you have adequate lighting all throughout your home.

-Wear shoes/slippers with non-slip soles and make sure they cover your heel! Avoid wearing slippers without a back or flip-flops.

-Put railings on AT LEAST one side of your stairs.


KEEP IT MOVIN’ & Focus on your Joint & Bone Health!

-Do Grow Young Fitness workouts consistently! Doing our workouts can help you to build strength and improve your balance which help to prevent you from falling.

-Eat regularly & drink water throughout your day to prevent dehydration and dizziness.

-Consider taking Vitamin D and Calcium supplements to promote bone health. These will help prevent bone fractures if a fall is unavoidable. You can find these in the Grow Young Shop.

-Use Movin’ to help with any joint pain you’re experiencing. Pain can cause you to limp or favor certain limbs making walking more difficult and putting you at risk for falls. 

-Consider taking a Collagen supplement like our, Coffee + Collagen, to help keep your bones strong!


Stay tuned for a new 30 Day Fast Track Program on FALL PREVENTION where we will include workouts to prevent falls, how to fall, how to get up from a fall, plus MORE!