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The Best Chair Workouts For Seniors

Using exercise as an activity can help your business and your residents!


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Over 250 step by step workouts organized and categorized to fix your every need!

Arthritis Therapy Workouts

Fix aches and pains.

Foundation Chair Workouts

Perfect for beginners.

Cardio Weight Loss Workouts

Kick start your weight loss.

Chair Boxing

Sharpen your mind and burn calories.

Strength Workouts

Increase strength & boost metabolism.

Chair Yoga

Relax and improve range of motion.

Chair Core Workouts

Tighten your waistline all from the chair.

Balance Workouts

Reduce the risk of a costly fall.

Knee Therapy Workouts

Knee therapy all from the chair.

Hip Therapy Workouts

Reduce hip pain.

Shoulder Therapy Workouts

Decrease pain.

Nutrition & Cooking Lessons

boost your results!


And So Much More!

We are always adding more workouts and updating the programs based on feedback from the members.

Benefits of Joining Grow Young Fitness


  • 24/7 Workout Access - Simply going to www.GrowYoungFitness.com and exercise anytime.  The workouts can be viewed on any device that has internet. (Smart TV, iPad, Computer, Laptop, Phone, Tablet, etc.)
  • Never Feel Lost - Programs are shown in chronological order and categorized, making it easy to follow.
  • Safe Workouts - All workouts are done from a chair or standing.  No risky or expensive equipment needed.  We NEVER go to the floor!
  • VIP Support - You get a dedicated account manager and your residents can email, chat or comment with our support team 7 days a week.
  • Fun Social Activity - Get results together by completing the workouts in a group setting.  Also, residents can gain access to our Private Facebook Community to interact with other members. 
  • Customizable - Individuals can make their own schedule.  They can do whatever workout they want, whenever they want and as many times as they want. Unlimited Access!
  • Cost Effective - No need to hire expensive, in-person trainers. The National average for 1 personal training session is between $50 - $100.  You only need a chair to get started!
  • Professional Trainer - Grow Young Fitness puts a certified personal trainer in your home with a click of a button.  Stop using uncertified instructors or sheets of paper.
  • Reduce The Risk Of Costly Falls And Injuries!

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Have a Professional Trainer in your Home 24/7

Members of Grow Young Fitness get the best results. They have the tools they need to get fit, and stay fit! 

  • Access to 250+ workouts.
  • Stream from your favorite device 24/7.
  • V.I.P. Support.
  • Private Facebook Group.

Meet Your Instructor

Deron Buboltz has a Bachelors of Applied Science in Exercise Science. He is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist For Seniors. He also has been certified through the Arthritis Foundation of America to teach exercises specific to arthritis, mobility and pains, along with being a Weight Loss Specialist.

Here’s What You Can Expect with Your Free Trial


  • Get Started Easily For Free. Simply fill out the form below and you will have instant access to our entire program PLUS we will email you a step-by-step guide for using the program and getting the most out of it.
  • How Quickly You Can Be Running Classes. The program can be accessed from any device
    connected to the internet and easily streamed onto a TV.
  • A Fun & Engaging Instructor. Our trainer, Deron Buboltz, has over a decade of experience
    working directly with seniors and brings a fun & exciting energy to every workout that will be sure to have your residents smiling through the exercise.
  • Exercises Specifically Designed for Seniors. Our low impact exercises are proven to keep seniors active and feeling good! This includes routines centered around balance, flexibility, therapy, strength, cardio and more. Plus, we never go to the ground!
  • Access to a Dedicated Account Manager at Grow Young Fitness. With your free trial,
    you’ll also have access to an account manager who will help answer any questions you may have throughout the trial period.

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